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Robert Cavanah


Robert enjoying a day boating

Robert spells his last name C-a-v-a-n-a-h. Any other spellings are incorrect. This has been confirmed by the man himself! (Not to be confused with an American actor, Robert Cavanaugh, of a very similar name.)

When asked if he misses Scotland, Robert said:

"I never really miss Scotland because my Mum and step-Dad live in London now, and if ever I had the time to go anywhere, I always choose the sun first, which certainly isn't Scotland."

When asked, "What was the funniest thing that happened to you during filming?", Robert said (in May 2000):

"...on one job I had to screech into a courtyard in an unmarked cop car with loads of cop cars screeching to a halt behind me, then climb out the car, slide over the bonnet, and land running towards a building door. Well, I landed, running, but ran towards the wrong door, shouting my lines at...no-one, because they were all standing looking at me as though I was mad."

When asked if and what he likes to read during his leisure time, Robert said (in May 2000):

I just read two books by Ian McEwan called "Enduring Love" and "The Comfort Of Strangers". I have just started re-reading "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov. It is one of my favourite books and I am looking at it with an eye to script adaptation.

Barking Spiders: This little story is a paraphrased quote from Cammy, who got to know Robert at a Glasgow Fitness Club back in 1989. Thanks Cammy!

Robert worked in an American summer camp as a camp counsellor, which is basically looking after the kids, helping with activities, etc. Robert had a co-counsellor, and they both lived in a cabin with the kids under their charge. As you can imagine, farting was a regular occurrence, but Robert and his co-counsellor blamed their sublime efforts on "those pesky barking spiders"! This had the kids, first of all, looking at each other in bewilderment, then secondly, looking for the spiders in question - classic!!

Mallorca, Spain: If you want to know more about one of Robert's favourite places, please look up Mallorca on the Internet (I had a link via the image below, but the site is no longer there).

(This Mallorca image is copyrighted by Chuck Doswell, the photographer, and I have special permission to use this photo.)

Mallorca, Spain photo by Chuck Doswell

Early Days: Robert is Scottish, born in Edinburgh on December 20th, 1965. His parents split up/divorced when he was 11 years old. He left his home with his mother to live with his salesman father outside of Edinburgh. He broke his leg after being hit by a truck at around about the same time (this is the reason he didn't become a footballer).

He left school at 15 as he was sick of being there, but he later graduated from the Drama Centre London in 1994.

Family News: Robert is the proud papa of a daughter, Olivia, who lives with her Danish mother Brigit in Copenhagen.

Robert welcomed the arrival of his son Logan on February 14, 2002! Cavanah the Younger, Logan James Alexander, to be precise, arrived at 19:38 on Valentine's Day, weighing in at the welter weight 9lbs 9oz (4.33 kilos). Congratulations!!

Robert's mother, Carol, has gone on to be a successful business advisor and drives a porsche - lucky woman! He has one younger sister, Carolyn.

Trivia: Robert works out regularly. Apparently, he's pretty good with a frisbee. He's 5'11" according to one source, but that seems to be up for debate.

He Sings! Around 1990, Robert was singing in a country band called Peach Country which was gigging around Glasgow. There was a tape on the go at the time, tho' it might be hard to get hold of now. When I asked Robert about it he quoted Darth Vader, "That's a name I've not heard in a very long time". He says he loved doing it! Who knows, perhaps he'll get a chance to sing in the future?

Peach County was featured briefly on a Scottish TV program (the venue was The Grand Ol' Oprey in Glasgow's Paisley Rd Toll). (Thanks Cammy!)

Robert Cavanah headshot

(Special thanks to Linzi E. for a lot of the bio info gleaned from interviews with RC in TV Times and What's On TV, British TV mags)

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