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Robert Cavanah

Dinah's Review of Hanuman


Dinah is a fan who took her mom and younger brother with her to see Hanuman. Below is her detailed review of the movie.

"What a CUTE movie! I watched it with my Mom and my little bro' (he's 8), and they liked it too.

First and foremost, Robert's character, Tom - what a hothead! The typical person with loads of little-boy charm and puppy-dog eyes and always making trouble. You want to kick him, but you can't.

Those monkeys were so cute. I still wonder how they actually shot some scenes. They couldn't have trained all those monkeys, there were hundreds of them, but it all looked so perfect!

I really liked the plot. There were many storylines, and all were linked and tied together without getting too confusing. I can't list them all exactly, here are the most important ones.

Of course, there's the "they fell in love when they were ten and now they want to be together again" plot. It is not new, but really well done.

The second storyline is about the smuggling of Indian artefacts. Tom wants to prevent this, because his father "dug up" the temples and he doesn't want them to be destroyed.

The third storyline digs deeply into the Indian myth of Hanuman (hence the title), and I think that's what I liked best. There isn't given a perfect solution, and it is kept mysterious, which gave the whole movie a nice touch - it fit very well with India and the surroundings.

If you can get your hands on it, go see it. The interaction between Robert and the monkey is already worth it!"


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