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Robert Cavanah

TV Credits

Robert as Adam Carnegie in The Royal

Hatfields and McCoys: An American Vendetta (2012)
Robert guest-stars in the History Channel's TV mini-series stars Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, and gives a fictionalized account of the feud between involved two families of the West Virginia–Kentucky back country along the Tug Fork, off the Big Sandy River. The series is actually filmed in Romania and will premiere in the U.S. on May 28th, Memorial Day.

The Borgias (2012)
Robert guest-stars in season 2 of this TV series, which is scheduled to air between April and June 2012. The Borgias is a historical drama created by Neil Jordan based upon the life of Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexander VI, and his family.

Hustle (2012)
Robert guest-starred in season 8 of this long-running British TV series, which follows a group of elite con artists, who each week pull off a complicated scam with several twists. The episode first aired in February 2012.

Taggart (2010)
Robert makes his third guest appearance on the much-loved Scottish police drama. Filmed in July 2010, should air in the fall. More details to follow.

Taggart ensemble cast

Casualty (2010)
Robert made a third guest appearance on this long-running medical drama in the episode Love Is a Battlefield.

Rebus (2006)
Robert appeared in the episode The Black Book as DI Dalcastle.

The Royal (2005, 2006, 2007)
Robert played administrator Adam Carnegie on the staff of the Royal Hospital for three series (5, 6, and 7 of this spin-off series from Heartbeat.

To see screen captures of The Royal, visit Stanie's Screen Caps: The Royal and search by series.

The Bill (1995, 2000, and 2006)
Robert was Andrew Hallam, a guy spaced out on his girlfriend's Dexedrine in Under the Doctor in 1995. (Thanks Helen!)

Robert played Neil Ramsay, a baddie this time, in Caught Short in 2000. (Thanks Helen!)

Robert played a male rape victim in annother episode in 2001 (?). Well-acted according to my source! (I'm not sure if this is a 4th appearance or I have my episodes mixed up.)

Robert played DCI Richard Caddick in episodes 386 and 387 in 2006.

Doctors (2006)
Robert appear in 15 episodes of this long-running series as Dr. Peter Kendrick before his character's untimely demise (Ashes to Ashes, Out of the Past, Pushed to the Limit, Invisible, Amends, Facing Up, System Check, Someone to Watch Over Me, The Double Dealer, Three's a Crowd, Young Mothers Do Have 'Em, After the Roses, Taped, Kiss Goodbye, Man's Best Friend).

Robert was nominated for a British Soap Award in 2006 for Best Exit and Best Storyline (shared with Christopher Timothy for Dr. Kendrick's suicide) but Doctors lost to Hollyoaks and Emmerdale respectively.

British Soap Award Nomination 2006

Judge John Deed: Lost and Found (2005)
In this episode, Jo Mills defends a drug addict who was arrested and charged with attempted murder sixteen years ago only to escape custody.

Here's a small piece of a review of the episode by Robert McNeil on 14th January 2005 in the Scotsman online:

"...But it wasn’t all that bad. What the hell gave you that impression? In fact, it was good. There were particularly fine performances by Robert Cavanah, as fitted-up bloke, and Christopher Fulford as the bent cop...Cavanah’s character was a former druggie implicated in a robbery 16 years earlier...But, despite a soppy ending that tied up too many knots, the tale was a good ‘un."

EastEnders (2004)
Robert was introduced in mid-September 2004 as Tommy, a college lecturer, who becomes the "older" love interest for young Vicki, a regular on the long-running soap. Robert appeared on at least 14 episodes of the show, and became an object of interest to the tabloids and fans alike after his appearance on this soap.

In the online Mirror article by Nicola Methven, Robert apparently "...told friends he was thrilled to have finally been cast as a hunk.

He said: "I've tried lots of times for sexy roles but I've never got one until now. I can't wait to have a go at playing a heart-throb."

Robert as Tommy Grant in East Enders

Casualty (1995, 2004)
Robert appeared twice on this medical drama, first as James Barnes in Trials and Tribulations, then as Michael Chalmers in Love's Labours...Lost in 2004.

Mike Chalmers is a jealous husband who thinks his wife is having an affair with his best friend. The friend is a travel agent who's helping Mike's wife plan a secret romantic vacation to surprise Mike for his 40th birthday. In a fit of jealous rage, Mike rams his car into theirs, causing serious injuries to all three. Robert does a good job of crying and playing the paranoid, jealous spouse, whose wife did have an affair with her boss in the past.

Rose and Maloney (2004)
Robert guest-starred as Bruce Arneson in The Case of Daniel Berrington, Part 1 on this British TV drama.

Show synopsis from TV Tome online: Rose Linden (Sarah Lancashire) is a lead caseworker with the Criminal Justice Review Agency, an organization that investigates possible miscarriages of justice. She is brilliant and dedicated, but her maverick attitude often both inspires and frustrates her CJRA partner, the very non-confrontational Maloney (Phil Davis). What the two do have in common, however, is a dedication to rooting out truth.

Charles II: The Last King (2003)
Robert plays the Earl of Rochester in this four-part TV drama, which the BBC bills as a "dynamic romp - racy, visceral and violent" - starring Rufus Sewell as the King, Diana Rigg as his mother Henrietta Maria, and Rupert Graves as Lord Buckingham.

Rufus Sewell as Charles II in The Last King

Got this great quote from the web (Thanks Moira!):

John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester was born in Oxfordshire on 1 April 1647, and died there on 26 July 1680, notorious because - as Samuel Johnson put it - "in a course of drunken gaiety and gross sensuality, with intervals of study perhaps yet more criminal, with an avowed contempt of decency and order, a total disregard to every moral, and a resolute denial of every religious observation, he lived worthless and useless, and blazed out his youth and health in lavish voluptuousness".

Bell Rock Lighthouse (2003)
Bell Rock Lighthouse is part of a series produced by BBC 2 called Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. Robert plays Robert Stevenson, one of the engineers responsible for designing and building the famous lighthouse off the coast of Scotland. A very well-made program in a docu-drama format. Robert got a chance to show a range of emotions as well as speaking in his native Scottish accent. (Thanks to Moira and Nellie.)

Silent Witness (2003)
Amanda Burton returns for another season as Professor Sam Ryan, the pathologist unlocking the secrets of the dead in order to find their killers. Robert plays journalist Colin Burwood who tries to rape Professor Ryan in the episode Answering Fire. There is also a second storyline about the bombing of a hotel.

Cast of Silent Witness

Murder in Mind (2003)
This two-hour episode aired in May 2003 in Britain. Robert plays DC Jon Perry, a detective investigating a murderous landlord. Landlord starred Ruth Gemmell and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

In the Murder in Mind series, the murderer is the focal point of the piece rather than the police or the victim, which is very often the case," says producer Paul Knight.

Blue Dove (2002)
Eight-part TV show for Carlton. Robert played Ian Andrews, one of the leads in this drama, which centres around a pottery business. Lots of intrigue, jealousy, and other nasty business in true soapy fashion!

Robert as Ian Andrews in the wedding scene of Episode 1 of Blue Dove

Talk of the Devil (2002)
Robert is the devil in this TV project for Armac Films in Scotland. Based on an award-winning stage play by Tom Wright.

TALK OF THE DEVIL is a witty, irreverent, and sometimes chilling docu-drama based on the premise that the Devil cannot be blamed for all the evils in the world. Each individual has to shoulder his or her share of the blame too. The subject of the film is the Devil himself...and very eloquent he is too, as he tells us his version of religious history, giving his views on witchcraft, demonology and hideous persecution. As the audience begins to imagine that his grim revelations are all locked in the past, he starkly reminds it of contemporary persecution in the name of new orthodoxies.

Talk of the Devil

Platinum (1999)
Simon Tucker, played by Robert, runs a small record company in Bruce McDonald's Canadian-made TV movie. Also starring Pascale Bussieres and Tanya Allen. It was the movie pilot for a possible series, but, alas, it did not survive the network chop.

Robert with Pascale Bussieres

Highlander: The Raven (1999)
Offshoot of the original Highlander TV series, this one features immortal thief Amanda and her mortal ex-cop partner Nick Wolfe.

'French Connection' introduced the immortal Father Liam Riley played by Robert.

'Inferno'. This was definitely one of the better-written episodes I've seen.

'The Frame' was pretty good. We got to see lots of Father Liam, and there was no beheading, just for a change of pace. I don't remember how much screen time he has, but Ronan Vibert guest-stars as Sir Trevor Benton in this episode.

'Love and Death' reveals that Amanda had a husband named Markham about 150 years ago and he's NOT VERY NICE!

'War and Peace', the second-to-last episode, finally features Father Liam in his own storyline.

Robert as Father Liam Riley in the War and Peace episode of Highlander: The Raven

When asked the following question in a forum on Paul Johansson's web site:

"The series ended with the episode where Nick became immortal and walked away from Amanda full of bitterness because she was responsible, and we never got to see what happened next. But just for a lark, if Nick showed up at Father Liam's door that night, what do you think Liam would have said to him to help?"
Robert said:
"He'd probably have given (Nick) a kick up the arse and said, "get back there to the woman who loves you most and be with her forever!"
When asked about acting in the Raven series, Robert said:
"Fun? Hmmm! Can you imagine how much fun it was being the only character on the show to be allowed to chastise either of them (Amanda and Nick). Oh yes. Fun indeed. Paul would often stand there and take any amount of chastisement I gave him on screen - then the moment "Cut" was heard, he'd either laugh his head off or chastise me back for fun. He's got a damn good sense of humour."
When asked about the role of Father Liam, Robert said:
"...I never even knew how old I was until one episode where I got the script and it said something like, "I remember about two hundred years ago, bla bla bla!" I thought, AH, I am no spring chicken then!"

Wuthering Heights (1998)
Robert is Heathcliff and Orla Brady is Cathy in this Masterpiece Theatre production of Wuthering Heights. British Independent Television Enterprises gives it a favourable review as follows:
The wild passionate story of the intense, almost demonic love between Cathy and Heathcliff. Their attachment is broken when he is forced to leave the estate and she marries another man, but he returns many years later to exact a terrible revenge. This adaptation remains close to the spirit of the novel encompassing the supernatural forces which draw the central characters to their doom.
When asked about playing Heathcliff, Robert said:
"...It occurred to me that he was simply a man made of the simplest drives and needs and wants, and they were all summed up in three words - love of Kathy...I never played him as a villain. Just a man of enormous capacity for love, who had it all slapped back in his face."
Masterpiece Theatre's Wuthering Heights

If you want to compare the four existing film versions, visit Lynn's World of Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights is available in 14 parts on YouTube. I am making the information available here, but to support this and future productions, consider renting or buying the DVD as well. Click this link for Part 1.

Insiders (1997)
Robert starred as prison officer Gerry Cosmo in the BBC drama series consisting of stories of a varied group of men serving out their sentences in an open prison.

Hamish Macbeth (1996)
Episode Isobel Pulls It Off' - "Village reporter Isobel (Shirley Henderson) stumbles on a story that could put her in the big league. She emerges with a fresh image and a hot new boyfriend, leaving Hamish squirming with jealousy." Robert guest-starred as Gary, a car-designing engineer, the competition for Isobel's affections in this episode of the popular Scottish TV series.

Isobel and Gary enjoying a picnic above Loch Dubh

Visit Belinda's Wee Hamish Macbeth Homepage for more details about the show and its zany characters.

Trivia: Both Robert Cavanah and Robert Carlyle were in early roles together as "cavemen in kilts" in Being Human, the 1994 Robin Williams movie.

Highlander (1995)
Episode Reasonable Doubt - In this episode from the original series which starred Adrian Paul, Robert played a somewhat nervous art gallery owner named Franklin Waterman.

The official Highlander site http://www.highlander-official.com offers a selection of goodies for sale if you're a die-hard fan of the movies and series. (Thanks MD!)

Cadfael: Virgin in the Ice (1995)
This popular series starred Derek Jacobi as Father Cadfael, the intrepid sleuth in monk's habit. Robert appeared in this 2-hour episode (which was filmed in Budapest, Hungary) as Olivier de Bretagne, Cadfael's unknown son from a past love in Syria.

Robert says:

"The best thing about this job was meeting and working with Derek Jacobi. He is the best theatre actor I have ever known."

Robert and Derek Jacobi as son and father in Cadfael

The Governor (1995)
Robert appeared in 4 episodes of this TV drama as character Anthony Kelly. Lynda La Plante is a fantastic writer and producer. Anything done by her is worth watching. Apparently, a lot of her writing is based on real life events. The Governor (parts I and II) was shows the effects of a poor prison system, corruption, and the aftermath of a mass riot.
The Governor was written by Lynda La Plante and told the story about the female governor who is put in charge of a high-security male prison and faces various problems, including hostage situations and escapes from the prison. The series starred Janet McTeer as Helen Hewitt who has to govern the prison and sort out its problems.

Robert's character, Anthony Kelly, was a young and scared first-time offender, who over the course of the episodes transforms into a bitter, hardened prisoner who abuses alcohol and heroin and attempts a prison break with another inmate. He is forever altered by his experience of harsh prison life.

Cracker (1995)
Robert played DC Alan Temple in three episodes of the original British detective series starring Robbie Coltrane - Brotherly Love, Best Boys, and True Romance.
Best Boys: An angry young man, teased and bullied by his female co-workers, is befriended by his lonely male supervisor, who invites the young man to stay in his flat, where a series of misunderstandings sets them off on a murderous spree that keeps spiralling wider and wider as they go. Fitz tries to convince the police that there are two killers, not one, and struggles to help Jane and Beck's sister deal with Beck's death. Judith turns to Danny for help with her increasing depression. This episode is significant in that it deals, for the second time in the short life of the series, with the death of a major character, specifically that of Jimmy Beck.
Robert as DC Alan Temple in Cracker

Dr. Finlay (1995)
Robert played prize fighter Max Henderson with an overzealous promoter in the episode The Greatness and the Power for this British TV series about a doctor in a small country community. It starred Ian Bannen and David Rintoul. I quite liked it. Good writing, good acting, etc.

Taggart (1989, 1993)
Robert played Lennie Moffat in Flesh and Blood in 1989. He then played Tony in Death Benefits in 1993. Set in Glasgow Scotland. Taggart was played by Mark McManus until his death in 1994. Taggart is the world's longest continually running police drama. It is still running with a strong cast and dark storylines.

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