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Robert Cavanah

Writer, Director, Producer

Robert blocking a scene from Pimp with Billy Boyd

This is where you can find Robert's own projects where he has written, directed or produced (or sometimes a combination of the three) a particular project. Robert has also done some voiceover work and commercials.


To find out about Robert's most recent work, see his production company's website: R and R Film.


Pimp poster

Pimp (2010) Film

Post production is complete.

The first press screening took place on April 7, 2010. The UK premiere is schedule for mid to late May (May 24th date to be confirmed).

Synopsis: "It's a week in the life of a pimp in Soho as seen through the eyes of a documentary camera."

Cast includes Robert Cavanah, Billy Boyd, Danny Dyer, and Barbara Nedeljakova. Robert co-wrote the script with Jon Kirby and directed. Royd Tolkien is co-producing the project with Robert. Soundtrack includes three songs from Scottish band Stagger Rats.

Become of fan of Pimp on Facebook to follow the production and get updated information.

Watch the official trailer on YouTube.

Visit the official Pimp Web site.


Doctors (2006) TV

Doctors is a British daytime television soap opera, which started in 2000. It is produced by BBC Birmingham and screened on BBC One. It tells the story of the staff at the fictional Mill Health Centre.

Robert directed three episodes that aired consecutively: One for the Road (23 October 2006), New Life (24 October 2006), Nowhere to Turn (25 October 2006). He also acted in 15 episodes in 2006 as Dr. Peter Kendrick and was nominated for two British Soap Awards.


Brookside (2002) TV
Brookside, commonly referred to as "Brookie", was a soap opera set in Liverpool, England, introduced with the then new British television network, Channel 4. Brookside became well known for its tackling of realistic and socially challenging storylines and was most popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. The final episode was broadcast on 4 November 2003.

Robert directed three episodes that aired September 11th, 12th and 13th, 2002 and were his first directing gigs for TV.


Trumps (2001) Short Film
Robert directed this short film written by Catherine Palmer. Trumps was filmed in the east of England, for the First Take TV series, a series dedicated to showcasing the work of writers and directors new to television in the Eastern region.

Plot outline: "The simmering tension at a family Christmas dinner is heightened by a grandfather's senility. But has he got a trick up his sleeve?"

Trivia: Starring Stephen Billington, who guest-starred in "Love and Death" in the Highlander: The Raven series.

scene from Trumps

Fish (2000) Short Film
Robert wrote and directed this short film. "Fish tells the tale of generations of amateur fishermen outwitted by a feisty old pike, and of a fishing rod passed down from father to son and father to son again." Starring Frances Gray, Bernard Joy, Therese Bradley, and Jamie Sives.

Great Britain (1999) Film
Robert wrote this feature film, which he also directed in the late summer of 1999.

Soldier's Leap (1998) Short Film
Rober wrote, directed, and co-produced this short (28 minutes) film starring Rupert Graves.

Rupert Graves

This description is taken from Rupert Graves' official web site:

    The film tells the story of a young, successful lawyer faced with the dilemma of choosing between his safe career or a more carefree lifestyle. He then learns a lesson from history to free himself.

    The title of the film - which was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland - is named after "The Soldier's Leap" in Killiecrankie, where one Donald MacBean is said to have leapt to safety during the Jacobite uprising of 1698.

Soldier's Leap at Killicrankie, Scotland. Photo taken by Dr. Jim Henry

Trivia: Robert wrote a part in this short film for his friend, Billy Boyd, who starred as the Hobbit Pippin in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Billy also acted in the theatre production of Kill The Old, Torture Their Young with Robert.

Billy Boyd


The Angel's Share
Robert is working on the package for The Angel's Share, written by a friend of his, a feature film that Robert is dying to direct. Gerard Butler of 300 is slated to star in this production, if scheduling permits.

Skin Deep
Robert is writing his own horror film script.

Curly Two
Robert edited a feature film script which a producer at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival asked him to direct.


Bunking Off (2005) TV
Robet narrated this six-part documentary TV series, which was directed by Heidi Williams and Adam Purver. It examines the measures in place to combat truancy, featuring the stories of parents who are facing prosecution for failing to keep their children in school.

Commercials (various)
Robert appears regularly on commercial breaks in the U.K. in an advertisement for Glenmorangie whiskey. These have been running more frequently since he appeared on EastEnders in 2004.

He has also been seen in a cell phone commercial - throwing the mobile phone into a loch!

Robert has done an ad for Virgin mobile. What it says is that there is a fella on a large truck saying something on the lines of 'Do you want to be divorced?' and tells you that you can if you have a Virgin mobile phone. Robert is one of the people in the audience at the front. He is given a phone and a hug. "It's not a bad ad at all." (Thanks Jeannette)

A commercial for a company called Intelligent Finance was filmed in South Africa, which Robert said was an incentive for doing it!

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